Composed of four separate channels, the ELIA preamplifier is designed to provide warmth and dynamism. It achieves this through high-quality transformers and components as well as ultra discrete signal transportation and amplification for optimal performance and audio fidelity.

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Image Elia

Specifically, it allows for the reduction of noise levels which mean that it can be used with all recording equipment.

The system is assembled entirely by hand according to the principle of ‘in the air’ wiring, thus avoiding parasitic capacitive phenomena that affect the sound signal.

Elia is a preamplifier that brings depth and sensitivity to voices and instruments and is an incredibly versatile device.

ELIA Specification

4 channels
4 input microphones XLR connection
4 output XLR connection
48V Phantom power at each input
-20 dB pad
Phase reversal
Gain (+10 - +60dB)
VU meter
Frequency 10Hz - 100kHz
Distorsion < 0.2%
Input impedance 1.6Kohms
Type 19", 1U
Dimensions 250x44.5x483mm
Steel rack
Aluminium face
Alimentation AC 220-240V / 50-60Hz
Power 20W max
Hand made in France

Recommended public price

1 790 €

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