Cardioid instrument dynamic microphone is specially designed to perfectly reproduce amplified instruments and is ideal for sound systems and recordings.

It will cope with everything you can throw at it, it's up to you
A. Design Service

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Image Qi

The sound is controlled by an electronic filter and exhaust, which provides precision and definition in soft mid-range highs and neutral trebles.

The signal coming from the capsule is filtered by an electronic circuit allowing it to control low frequencies.

Qi is a concentration of intelligence, its dynamic capsule is totally enclosed in the microphone body, calibrated vent holes have been calculated so that the rear cavity of the capsule is tuned with the desired frequency curve for the type of use for which Qi was born.

QI Specification

Accoustique type Dynamic transducer
Transducer installation Silent bloc internal
Directivity Cardioid
Frequency range 45Hz-16Khz
Output level -54 dB
Output impedance 400 Ohms
Connection XLR 3 points.
Pin 1 : blindage / Pin 2 : hot spot (+) / Pin 3 : cold spot (-)
Load impedance > 1000 Ohms
Storage 0°C-50°C
Storage humidity 80% (+25°C)
Material PLA renforcé et grille métallique
Weight 100g
Dimensions 108x38mm (L x dia)
Accessory Livré avec pince, pochette et câble de 5m
Hand made in France

Recommended public price

139 €

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